Are all severities (even intense) of despair go away from how several months on antidepressants?

Question by denferb: Are all severities (even extreme) of melancholy go absent from how numerous months on antidepressants?
I have been depressed for more than three a long time and im ultimately observing a psychiatrist to treat me. My despair is unbearable. I have exhaustion, muscle mass weakness, insomnia, and impotence. Also, i have schizophrenia so idk if that will make my melancholy even more challenging to treat.

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Reply by psychlover
You will get much better ultimately. You are unable to experience this significantly for lengthy. Antidepressants have demonstrated to be powerful for significant melancholy. I would give them a opportunity. Any co-transpiring condition will make you tougher to handle. Possibly not the depression particularly although. My main worries are that the medicines for schizophrenia may lead to despair or interact in an odd way with your antidepressants. Nevertheless, I do know that despair and schizophrenia typically go hand in hand. Good thing you are ultimately looking at a psychiatrist.
Good luck. I have been depressed for a long time, but when I ultimately sought remedy from certified specialists, I received much better in a few of months.

(ps. didn’t you see a psychiatrist for your schizophrenia? Did not you talk about your melancholy with them? Are you confident you have schizophrenia if you haven’t observed a psychiatrist earlier? You may well have psychotic melancholy as an alternative).

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