are people who are condom and beginning manage adverts also from these erectile dysfunction commercials?

Question by : are those who are condom and beginning management adverts also in opposition to people erectile dysfunction commercials?
i enjoy it how my next door neighbors make a huge offer and fuss about commerials for condoms and delivery manage because they say it encourages sexual intercourse exterior of relationship. thats wonderful. i have no dilemma with their view. what i have a dilemma with is that they have no problem with those erectile dysfunction commercials that enjoy every hour of the day. In their own words, people commercials motivate marital security simply because sex is an crucial element of relationship….. once once again good. MY difficulty is that they are generating the assumption that each and every forty anything man and woman is married(AND monogamus) and that is not true and that all teens are sluts. base line is that all of those issues encourage sexual intercourse. base line. A male does not just take those drugs for decoration. so i just want to know if these against condoms and start handle are also against ED commercials. they motivate out of wedlock intercourse as well, ya kno. lol
be secure out there,lol.

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Solution by Harriet J
Possibly they are probably in opposition to everything sexual that isn’t going to match their slim look at of no matter what they want things to be.

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