Are there any psychological side-outcomes to acquiring a vasectomy?

Issue by Rob: Are there any psychological side-results to getting a vasectomy?
This is some thing I’ve been thinking about, and I am curious if there are any psychological side-consequences. I seem to be to recall something like this mentioned in a psychology training course a long time in the past, that there can be a diminshed feeling of verility to a gentleman who has this procedure done, that might or could not lead to impotence.

I’m just curious if you will find any grounds to this just before continuing with obtaining a doc, or if a vasectomy is something that ought to be skipped in lieu of other strategies of start handle.


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Response by S H
If your self esteem is also low to deal with the treatment, then do not do it. The only psychological result of a vasectomy is to a guy who ordeals insecurity and/or reduced self esteem. They truly feel considerably less of a male due to the fact they are no more time capable of generating young children. What they are unsuccessful to understand is failing to make youngsters was THEIR Decision but sperm is even now created. Consequently, they are nonetheless a male. In any other case, there are no troubles with a vasectomy. A male is able of participating in a very healthful sex daily life, fear free of charge from impregnating a lady. This ought to be a excellent sense of reduction for males who have this procedure.

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