Can a light box aid with erectile dysfunction?

Concern by Noone: Can a mild box assist with erectile dysfunction?
I was just listening to a TED speak about research showing that exposure to sunlight allows compounds in the pores and skin that harbor nitric oxide to release it into the method. Nitric oxide is identified to chill out the blood vessels, lowering blood force. This relationship supports the hypothesis of a correlation between exposure to daylight and circulatory health.

Now: I know that the way that certain prescription drugs (these kinds of as Muse, Viagra, Cialis) perform to reduce erectile dysfunction is by generating nitric oxide obtainable in the penis, so that blood can stream in and is not forced out.

Does it follow that if a single spends time each day with a lightbox (like the sort used for Seasonal Affective Condition?), it can relieve erectile dysfunction? Is it even a lot more useful to shine the gentle on one’s genitals?

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Highly unlikely.
If you experience from ED – possibly a number of life-style modifications could make a variation for you.

No cigarette smoking – no beer/ale – no booze – no medications. ANY of these can interrupt blood circulation to your penis resulting in diminished libido & result in erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Tension, anxiety, despair, tiredness, crappy diet program, deficiency of workout, & some prescription drugs can also result in malfunction at the junction.

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