Can a man who is pretending to be straight undergo from erectile dysfunction when with a lady?

Concern by abrinaus: Can a man who is pretending to be straight experience from erectile dysfunction when with a girl?
My roommate is dating this man, who I have thought from day one, is homosexual. She has confided in me they can not have conventional sex, because he has erectile dysfunction. He has never experienced a healthful reverse sex connection and of course, this was usually the woman’s fault(his words). It is not one factor they has me persuaded he is in the closet, it is the complete package and all of the magic formula details my roommate tells me just reaffirms my views. Her amount 1 cause she thinks he isn’t really is because of the erectile dysfunction. I know many wellness reasons can trigger it, but I know psycologocial can also cause it. And I also know a blend of the two can also issue into it.

And be sure to do not slam me, I genuinely would like to know. I am not bashing or slamming anybody.

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Reply by Jamiep6
i believe your right. I mean if he is gay that signifies that he is not attracted to the females. and if there is no attraction, then of cousre he is heading to have problems obtaining and maintaining it up. Could him expressing that is is erectile dysfunction just be an justification.

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