Can erectile dysfunction be linked to sciatic problems?

Issue by Aurora: Can erectile dysfunction be joined to sciatic problems?
My husband has been getting problems with his sciatic nerve and has been heading for therapy and acupuncture. He keeps building a ache in his groin that stems from the sciatic region. Could it result in erectile dysfunction?

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I would recommend that your spouse miss an acupuncture cession, and see a physician and have what is referred to as a PSA examination completed.

The symptoms which you describe are parallel to the greatest indicators for prostrate difficulties, and time must not be wasted. The usually thought sciatic ache is in fact the prostrate regeon, and the two become perplexed since of the closeness in proximity. Currently being the prostrate regeon would attribute to the description of ache in the groin stemming from the sciatic.

He demands to not squander time, since this issue has the capability to transition into prostrate cancer!

Trust me on this 1!

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