Can masturbation result in erectile dysfunction?

Issue by Adore: Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?
I’m 24 years guy, and i utilised to masturbate given that i was thirteen, i can not have sex until i get married, it truly is because of religious troubles. in the earlier i utilized to masturbate while I am viewing photos and movies on the web so i stopped watching this kind of photographs and films due to the fact i read that it can gets to be an dependancy and can trigger erectile dysfunction not physically but mentally, So can masturbation with out fantasize or watching videos and photographs result in erectile dysfunction mentally on prolonged expression with typical frequency two to 4 instances a 7 days? and can actually observing this type of pictures and movies on web cause this kind of thing?

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Masturbating by itself does not trigger erectile dysfunction.
You must be watchful viewing Porn to make certain you never turn into addicted to viewing it.
Some men turn out to be addicted & are not able to execute sexually without having it.

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