can minimal self confidence and nervousness lead to you to have erectile dysfunction?

Question by Pierre: can low self confidence and anxiousness trigger you to have erectile dysfunction?
hi, i assume i have erectile dysfunction, simply because whenever i have intercourse with a companion i can never ever remain difficult or when we change positions i get delicate almost immediately. i really feel like i am not confident and have anxiety for the duration of sexual intercourse due to the fact anytime i go gentle for the duration of sexual intercourse my ex girlfriends would get upset and trigger an argument more than it. in that circumstance i am afraid to have intercourse simply because i’m not likely to be great adequate…. do you feel that is a purpose my erectile dysfunction is finding worse?

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Response by Michael Lawton
You ought to chat to your medical professional about this, due to the fact erectile dysfunction can be related to movement concerns. It can also be associated to stress, or testosterone levels.

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