Can prostatitis cause sexual dysfunction?

Question by 88Ad Infinitum88: Can prostatitis lead to sexual dysfunction?
Can Prostatitis result in sexual dysfunction, and how prolonged does it just take to influence a person sexually? I think i could have experienced prostatitis for a long time and didn’t consider of it. My ex girlfriend had yeast an infection years in the past, and i did not know that it would infect me in that way. If i have experienced this for 3 a long time, would it have critically influenced me sexually? I have experienced some sexual troubles off and on for a couple of several years, but i imagined that it was since of cigarette smoking (which i started out 3 years back, and just not too long ago tranquil a handful of months in the past).

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Solution by d.willis84
halting cigarette smoking can it truly is part of the withdrawal issue it’ll go ..ur skin grievance has nothing at all to do with it except if u appear at it and it tends to make u really feel uneasy as to what other ppl will believe…and stops ur doing da organization

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