Can the outcomes and effects of long expression masturbation be reversed?

Issue by silvamex2001: Can the outcomes and outcomes of extended time period masturbation be reversed?
I know of a person who started masturbating in the course of adolescence, liked it to a lot, took over his life, and continued to masturbate into youthful adulthood with no getting much encounter obtaining sexual intercourse with yet another particular person. Now, he is 22 a long time of age and remarks he practically has no sexual endurance and a reduced sexual travel (libido). He also states he has this weird sensation in his groin. He can even now masturbate–though he has stopped–he will get a weak erection, ejaculates modest quantities of semen, and have an really weak orgasm. He has noticed a urologist and the viagra recommended to him does not perform at all. He has not instructed the urologist about his past chronic masturbation conduct and thinks he has sexual dysfunction due to pressure. He does comment that he receives stressed simply and now that he has troubles with his genitals owing to his history of long-term masturbation, he is even a lot more pressured. Also, he states that when he masturbated, he was using a drug acknowledged as ephedrine, a stimulant.

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Answer by glistam3
The masturbation is not the result in of these signs and symptoms. Really compulsive masturbating like that is normally brought on by a extremely unstable, chaotic residence life. Masturbation gets a futile way of regulating all the terrible emotions he has. Stimulants just make it 5 occasions worse. It would possibly be in his best interest to see a psychologist, maybe one particular who specializes in sexual dysfunction.

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