Cures for erectile dysfunction thanks to tension and anxiety?

Query by Andres: Cures for erectile dysfunction because of to pressure and stress?
My dude buddy tells me that he cannot get erect and have sexual pleasure with his girlfriend. He also tells me that he’s been stressed and is suffering with anxiety. I know it truly is a psychological factor that is creating his erectile dysfunction but is there any cures for this? He has also long gone to a therapist to support him out and see if they can remedy this issue.
And he workouts every day.

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Reply by Neil
Physical exercise, sexual intercourse(which includes erections) are all a component of your actual physical health, hold your physique suit, your genitalia will be suit.

Drop physical health and fitness, and you will have much more difficulties keeping up sexually.

So he wants to work-out much more, and cease stressing so considerably, which is all squandered vitality he could spend on creating his health, and occupation better.

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