Do all individuals have the elementary correct to marry whom they would like in the United states?

Query by NONAME: Do all folks have the elementary correct to marry whom they desire in the United states?
There seems to be a huge press by the gay individuals to make identical sexual intercourse relationship authorized during the Usa. So the problem would seem to be whether or not or not the federal government or even the states have the appropriate to regulate marriage. Right?

But do not a lot of states prohibit initial cousins from marrying?

Never they control the minimal age to lawfully marry?

Never some states refuse to acknowledge typical legislation marriages?

Will not some (or all) states avoid a father or mother and little one from marrying?

Usually are not there limitations on relationship for folks who suffer from specific psychological conditions this sort of as Down Syndrome?

Don’t some states need blood assessments and refuse to grant licenses to these who take a look at constructive for specified Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Why is it men and women have been residing with all these constraints and laws if Everybody has a elementary Correct to marry whom they desire?

Can kids marry? WHY NOT? Isn’t really it a Fundamental Correct for ALL Men and women, as is being argued? Are youngsters Folks only at a specific age?

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Response by Aaron
Which is why marriage shouldn’t have everything to do with govt. Men and women ought to be ready to do what they want and call it what they want.

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