From a medical position of view is this the very best answer regarding beginning manage?

Issue by cosmic: From a medical point of see is this the very best answer regarding delivery management?
(one) If girls who did not want to get expecting utilized an IUD, there would be no risk
of pregnancy until it was taken out.

(2) IUDs do not have the possibly hazardous aspect results that either the “capsule” has or
the harmful RU486 abortion capsule has.

(3) There would be considerably less abortions.

Monitoring would be needed as with any healthcare intervention.

Even so, an IUD does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The issue with male birth manage is that there is no ensure that a male who
mentioned he experienced a vasectomy (as an example), did in simple fact have the method carried out.
Also, these kinds of techniques are not reversed as easily and repetitively.

Very best response:

Answer by Anoura
the medical point of see technically claims the greatest resolution is abstinence.

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