Have medications and a negative diet regime manufactured created impotent at 23 or is it psychological?

Issue by William: Have medication and a undesirable diet regime produced produced impotent at 23 or is it psychological?
I am 23 and I have been smoking the reefa and casually getting medicines these kinds of as MDMA, ketamine and pace for the very last six many years. My diet program isn’t remarkable but I would not say it is dreadful as I take in fruit and veggies. I have been frustrated for a lengthy time also and the impotence issue has been all around for I would say at minimum 4 many years of my daily life. I can not keep an erection even with the fittest of girls :( , an individual assist remember to.

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Response by John
Medication? Perhaps. Diet regime? Definately.

I smoke weed before heading to the fitness center, it is good. I consider eccy pilly every now and then also and I am fantastic.
Just not as well frequently, or you are asking for difficulties.

Diet is essential. Will not worry about fruit and veg, take in steak. It truly is received every thing you want. Saturated animal fat FTW.

Idk if it’s related to you, but if you view porn – end. That’s the biggest issue for ED.

It could partly be psychological also.

Elevate weights. Weighty compound movements will increase testosterone and you will be a walking erection

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