How can i aid my boyfriend with sexual troubles eg erectile dysfunction?

Query by scooter: How can i help my boyfriend with sexual problems eg erectile dysfunction?
My boyfriend and I have been together for ten months. I am quite pleased with him, but i truly feel like our sexual intercourse daily life is missing. We have sex when a 7 days if that, and as a sexual particular person, i come to feel that’s not ample. His lack of desire leaves me feeling unattractive and unwelcome. I’ve been wanting to confront him about my inner thoughts. The issue is, 50% of the time he can’t get to orgasm throughout sex. He just… operates out of steam. Is this erectile dysfunction? If so, i dont know how to method the scenario from dread of hurting his inner thoughts / creating the situation worse. Any feelings?

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Solution by matthew j
Get him the information on that must assist

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