How can I relieve my despair and mood problems without having drugs?

Concern by adore has still left you dreamless…: How can I simplicity my melancholy and mood troubles with no medication?
I’ve been frustrated for years, most likely 7 several years or so. I have been on medication for melancholy but it only gave me Awful side outcomes. Like extreme constipation, sexual dysfunction, fat gain…ect. Even even though I have stop using medicine for despair, I feel like my body has never been the exact same considering that… truly is difficult to clarify to your spouse why you are unable to get an erection and can’t have sexual intercourse because you are on medication for despair..consequently breaking up.

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i no what u indicate, i have no sexual wish @ all, these meds. that we consider four dep. do that, but there r some that don’t result in sexual aspect effects, do not no which kinds precisely, i have endured for 35 yrs. now with this disease & have went thru numerous, several medication with heaps of side results, the drug cos. genuinely require two perform on this, workout is meant to help, diet plan & getting as small pressure in ur life as attainable lol, good luck to you

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