How can melancholy result sexual perform?

Query by John D: How can melancholy effect sexual function?
I’m intrigued in data as to how sexual purpose can be afflicted by depression, specifically in douleur. I have go through it can hurt libido. Can it harm it in other approaches as nicely? If so, what are these approaches?

I inquire simply because I am a depressed male going through not only impotence and minimal libido but minimal genital sensitivity and anorgasmia as effectively. Can depression result in these items, or must I be seeking for some other result in? You should offer citation if at all attainable.

I am not intrigued in how psychiatric prescription drugs might influence these locations, just depression.


Best answer:

Answer by TJ
melancholy can result in impotence if the depression is generated in excess of self hatred or very low slef self-assurance.

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