How do you tell an individual that you had been abused as a little one?

Question by Ellen: How do you explain to somebody that you have been abused as a kid?
I had a undesirable experience with one of my classmates in 1st grade. His brother was a 13 and you know what 13 12 months outdated boys do on the computer when their parents will not look at them. Anyhow this boy in my class was exposed to this and wanted to experiment with me. I did not want to but he mentioned he would be my pal any more so I permit him. When i acquired more mature i realized what transpired. I felt ashamed of myself, dirty and gross. I’ve by no means instructed anyone the entire story but sense this web site is fairly nameless I considered I could get carried out advice
I am now eighteen. I have often been scared of sexual intercourse. I’ve been with my boyfriend for two several years and I adore him so significantly. We’ve been attempting to have sexual intercourse for almost 8 months and it just hasn’t labored. My body clinches up and sex gets to be tremendous agonizing. Right up until after not too long ago reading through about sexual dysfunction I had no thought abuse could direct to my entire body tensing up like that. I want to tell my boyfriend but never know how. He’s been actually supportive and usually stops correct when I need him also. I feel he warrants to know why this is taking place simply because it affects him also. I can not even believe about what transpires with out losing it a lot much less tell someone.

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Response by geekymonse
I would find specialist aid 1st (counselor, psychologist, and so on.). It will assist in all aspects of your troubles.

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