How extended does prozac keep in your program and how extended right after you cease taking it do the side outcomes carry on?

Issue by fallen_angel_1200: How long does prozac keep in your technique and how extended right after you cease having it do the side results keep on?
i was on prozac for 3 months but my medical doctor just switched me to a different anti depressant. i switched b/do i had important sexual dysfunction and i will start on a new med that does not present this side effect. how prolonged do you feel until i will be ready to perform appropriately? how significantly lengthier right up until i cease encountering prozac side consequences? when will the new med kick in?

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Answer by Kymbo
How shortly the Prozac is out of your program will count on how quick you metabolize it. For some the aspect outcomes go absent in a handful of times other people it can be a few months. Most antidepressants get 30 times to be completely effective.

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