How significant are the side results of Bremelanotide on animals, on human beings?

Question by Darian: How severe are the facet outcomes of Bremelanotide on animals, on people?
This is a drug that is on demo for sexual dysfunction in each males and females. One particular of the side-consequences is improved blood stress, but I never know how much it raises nor what other side consequences it may possibly have.

Also what about the tanning item melanotan II which appears to have a similar chemical foundation. Does it have equivalent aspect results, and which products have it or are in improvement that use it.

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Reply by steve g
As you might know, Bremelanotide was not too long ago ‘sent back’ for retesting by the Fda when submitted for approval to be utilised with gentlemen enduring erectile dysfunction. The only complication published for why it was despatched back is increased blood force. The Fda also indicated Brem may be suited for 2nd line therapy – ie. for men and women who do not answer to common treatments like viagra.

I never recall them publishing exactly how significantly the BP improve was.

Other aspect effects I’ve study about incorporate mainly flushing (encounter gets purple – maybe as a consequence of larger BP) and nasal congestion very likely since Brem is taken via a nasal mist like Drystan is.

Infrequent facet consequences like nausea may possibly be dose dependent, and in fact the optimum dose tested wasn’t as effective as a reduced dose was, so side results will be considerably less regular and significantly less apparent than some test individuals noted.

Re: Melanotan II
IIRC, there was an authentic product that was currently being analyzed for tanning, and it was found that item not only produced a tan but also sexual arousal and excess weight decline. So they “divided” that authentic solution to develop a single for tanning, a single for sexual arousal (Bremelanotide), and one particular for fat reduction….not certain of the specific details, but basically that’s what transpired. I don’t recall offhand if Melanotan II is the unique or spinoff tanning solution.

So the unique solution for tanning will develop sexual arousal way too, but the derived tanning item does/need to not.

For relatively complete coverage of the growth of Bremelanotide, examine the archived posts of the “Bremelanotide Bulletin” indicated as a ‘source’ beneath.

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