I want to chemically castrate myself: what are long time period consequences and most secure approach?

Question by Michael: I want to chemically castrate myself: what are prolonged term results and most secure strategy?
I am 23. I want to chemically castrate myself. I have experienced sexual and passionate companions equally male and feminine and have occur to the summary I am not interested in marriage. I also do not want a long time period connection appropriate now, and I believe brief phrase associations and quick sexual encounters are instead unfulfilling and useless. I discover my sexual intercourse travel an unneeded distraction from my ambitions and passions. I also am attracted to the overall health benefits of chemical castration: extended lifestyle span, comprehensive prevention of male pattern baldness, reduced body hair, softer pores and skin, weight gain and increased hunger (I am underweight and have a bad hunger), lower pressure stages, et cetera. I primarily want to do it simply because I can not see any benefit in trying to keep my sex push for the moment. I do not want to be physically castrated since I may want to father a youngster by means of an egg donation lender later on on. I am concerned about aspect outcomes. Whilst on the medicine will I be infertile? Will my fertility return when I quit taking it? When I end taking it could there be everlasting side effects like: sexual dysfunction, mental dysfunction, actual physical issues, et cetera? Could getting it improve my chance for any illnesses or most cancers? Could it influence the overall health of any future offspring of mine? What are the safest methods of chemical castration available? I would ideally like to have a shot as sometimes as attainable (Preferably only when or 2 times a year) relatively than drugs or typical shots. What are all the techniques offered to me? Who do I see with regards to this make a difference to obtain the treatment?
Valerie. I locate your comments rather insulting, My sanity is very significantly intact, thank you and I suffer from no psychological sickness. Exactly where did you get the notion that I need to be set on psychotropic drugs for a psychotic problem? Is it due to the fact I said I am not interested in sex or in a long a long expression connection? Is everyone who does not espouse to your decadent western life style mad?
In addition to my over comment I would like to add that psychiatry is nothing at all more than a hat and medication display, a fradulent science that is totally unfit to be considered health care aid. There is some thing destructive to the human soul when each and every darkest corner of a person’s getting is uncovered and made to naked for inquistion. In the 14th centrury Spain created its inhabitants expose and clarify each and every facet of their faith in God and just as the inquisition was one of the horrific mistakes of the 14th century Sigmund Freud and psychiatry and mind altering prescription drugs and psychological hospitals are one of the horrific blunders and atrocities of the twentieth century.

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They use cyproterone acetate or the beginning-management drug Depo-Provera, this is not some thing offered to the typical male. your physician is not just heading to inject you for no cause (such as the reasons you have provided) it is far more for sex offenders.
Life-threatening facet effects are exceptional, but some end users display will increase in entire body excess fat and diminished bone density, which enhance extended-expression risk of cardiovascular condition and osteoporosis. They might also encounter other “feminizing” effects these kinds of as gynecomastia

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