I want to chemically castrate myself: what are the extended expression outcomes and what is the most secure technique?

Query by Michael: I want to chemically castrate myself: what are the extended time period outcomes and what is the most secure strategy?
I am 23 and am perfectly sane and undergo from no mental issues. I am very happy and excitied about life and the world but I want to chemically castrate myself. I have experienced sexual and passionate companions equally male and female and have arrive to the conclusion I am not intrigued in marriage. I also do not want a prolonged time period romantic relationship appropriate now, and I think short term interactions and brief sexual encounters are totally unfulfilling and worthless. Despite the fact that I discover intercourse a squander of time I have romantic thoughts for other people (specifically males) that I would like to check out in a platonic way. I discover my intercourse push an unnecessary distraction from my inventive ambitions and mental pursuits. I also am captivated to the well being benefits of chemical castration: prolonged daily life span, total avoidance of male sample baldness, lowered entire body hair, softer skin, weight acquire and elevated appetite (I am underweight and have a very poor urge for food), decrease tension amounts, et cetera. I mainly want to do it simply because I can not see any advantage in keeping my sex generate for the second. I do not want to be physically castrated due to the fact I may want to father a youngster by way of an egg donation financial institution later on on. I am anxious about side effects. While on the treatment will I be infertile? Will my fertility return after I quit having it? When I end taking it could there be everlasting aspect consequences like: sexual dysfunction, mental dysfunction, bodily ailments, et cetera? Could having it boost my chance for any ailments or most cancers? Could it result the well being of any potential offspring of mine? What are the safest strategies of chemical castration obtainable? I would ideally like to have a shot as occasionally as achievable (Preferably only as soon as or twice a yr) relatively than capsules or regular photographs. Who do I see with regards to this make a difference to obtain the medication?

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Solution by David
Pour some lye on your testicles.

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