Is it attainable to elect to have my prostate taken out due to the fact of continual Prostatitus?

Issue by A Squandered Life: Is it achievable to elect to have my prostate eliminated simply because of persistent Prostatitus?
I have had continual prostatitus for 3 years. They experimented with every little thing and practically nothing labored. I know they can take away your prostate for prostate cancer, but is there any way I could get my prostate removed for prostatitus? It is dreadful… the burning, the soreness, the discomfort in my testicles, the occasional sexual dysfunction.

Also, what kind of doctor would preform this kind of a surgery? A Urologist?

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Answer by Jonas S
You would first have to discover a health-related medical doctor that would do it but that would be hugely unlikely in your situation. There are a variety of more recent, organic techniques that can be very advantageous for gentlemen undergo from persistent prostate difficulties.

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