Is sexual dysfunction of Lexapro a permanent side influence?

Issue by Curtis Craig: Is sexual dysfunction of Lexapro a everlasting aspect result?
I am having issues in my sexual lifestyle right after taking Lexapro and I already know this is 1 of the side results, but does this final eternally?

I have been using the medicine for 2 months now and I nevertheless never really feel any modify in my anxiousness. if this is the case then I want to stop using it.

Best solution:

Solution by rob555
It will take lengthier than two months for the medicine to assist with your anxiety. Generally 4-6 weeks is when it will start off aiding (if it’s the right drug for you, and striving it out fully is the only way to know). Also the facet outcomes will diminish more than a handful of months for a lot of men and women. If they never your medical doctor can change you to a related drug that doesn’t have the exact same aspect effects for you.

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