Is there a Different Treatment Character Remedy Well being Remedy Centre in Mumbai India for Therapeutic Long-term Condition?

Question by vikram a: Is there a Alternative Cure Character Cure Health Therapy Center in Mumbai India for Healing Continual Disease?
In Conditions like Coronary heart Disease, Coronary Blockades, Slip Disc, Minimal Backache, Knee Arthritis & Ache, Gastric Ulcer, Impotence, Sexual Weak point, Insomnia, Despair, Typical Allopathic treatment is of little use. In numerous instances there are remedies to keep away from surgical procedure which rely on Natures Way & Naturopathy healing. Are there any this kind of Facilities in Mumbai or India? I am fed up of these medical medical professionals!

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Solution by ontheroadagainwithoutyou
Yes, Ayurvedic Drugs is the way to go!
The greatest ones are in fact found in the Southwestern component of India.

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