Is there some thing disturbing about the “leave area to the machines” frame of mind individuals have now a days?

Query by Infinity: Is there one thing disturbing about the “go away space to the devices” mindset individuals have now a days?
At any time folks suggest a mission to Mars, or the Moon, individuals say to leave it to the machines.

Heading Mars, and the Moon is a form of replica. The aim is to propagate the human species.

If men and women have the frame of mind that machines need to prevail above individuals, then the human species is doomed. If impotence, and apathy prevails, then we are as good as useless.

Has modern society arrived at a point the place men and women benefit machines much more than individuals?

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Answer by Dust In Cedar Metropolis
Who cares if the human race dies out?! I definitely won’t be around when it transpires. Human beings are sort of a parasite. Is not destroying 1 world adequate? Why go destroy more? I genuinely think (and hope) that nature will eventually just just take treatment of the human race with a virus of some sort. Which is often what happens when a species gets in excess of populated.

Indeed, I do worth equipment over men and women. They are not nearly as irritating or greedy. I have no difficulty with machines or people checking out Mars or wherever, but with all the suffering in the entire world, I consider there is certainly a lot of larger problems for governments to fear about and commit funds on!

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