“Religion is an STD” – The Atheist Experience #645

“Religion is a sexually transmitted ailment: you get it from your parents.” A clip from The Atheist Experience #645 of February 21, 2010, with Matt Dillahunty, Martin Wagner and unique guest Dr. Darrel Ray, creator of “The God Virus: How Faith Infects Our Life and Culture.” Dr. Ray talks about faith and intercourse from a memetic viewpoint. You can look at the Entire EPISODE below: â–º www.youtube.com In December 2010 Dr. Ray also appeared on The Atheist Experience #686. You can view that episode below: â–º www.youtube.com A lot more details about Dr. Darrel Ray, “The God Virus” and “Recovering from Faith”: â–º www.thegodvirus.internet â–º http â–º www.youtube.com This episode of The Atheist Expertise is archived on Blip.tv and Ustream.tv: â–º www.blip.television (comprehensive television broadcast) â–º www.ustream.tv (element A of the webcast) WHAT IS THEATHEIST Experience? The Atheist Encounter is a weekly cable obtain television present in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Knowledge is developed by the Atheist Neighborhood of Austin. The Atheist Local community of Austin is arranged as a nonprofit educational company to create and help the atheist group, to provide possibilities for socializing and friendship, to market secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist tradition, to protect the first modification principle of point out-church separation, to oppose discrimination towards atheists and to perform with other companies in pursuit of frequent ambitions. Pay a visit to THE ACA’S
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