what are signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction in overweight males?

Question by Danny: what are signs of erectile dysfunction in overweight men?
im 18 6’3 and 350…overweight and im seeing that my erection doesn’t level up or straight. variety of like down but not all the way down..what are indicators of erectile dysfunction in overweight gentlemen?

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Response by Dan H
The direction your penis points when it is completely erect is unimportant. Some men’s totally erect penises stage straight up, some down, the rest someplace in between. This is typical and has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is when you cannot turn into entirely erect – your penis does not become tough sufficient to have typical sexual intercourse. Or when your penis does not continue to be fully erect for the duration of intercourse but prior to ejaculation.

If you can continue being entirely erect until finally you ejaculate, then you do not have erectile dysfunction.

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