what are the execs and cons to acquiring a prince albert?

Issue by mack: what are the professionals and cons to acquiring a prince albert?
I have allot of concerns about this and would like as significantly information i can get ahead of even taking into consideration to get it carried out.
And what I have not discovered is if it can shut again up after not putting on for awhile?
Or what would be the best size to get for an common sized penis?
What are the odds it will trigger impotence?

I might really really like to know all the expertise there is to know about this piercing from males that have it

Best solution:

Reply by Rk
Once your piercing is healed it will keep open fairly effortless. It will near or shrink down after a whilst if you do not stretch it quite large. 12 or 10 gauge is a great dimensions to start off with. As for pros you certainly discover its there, it supplies more stimulation. Downsides is receiving used to peeing which can be challenging.

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