What can a urologist do for Erectile Dysfuction that a general doctor can not?

Concern by JustSamuel: What can a urologist do for Erectile Dysfuction that a basic medical professional can not?
I am a 21 12 months previous male encountering ED (erectile dysfunction). I am capable to preserve an erection for a quite short period of time of time and then it goes absent. I know ED is caused by a lot of other factors and im extremely much involved. I previously been to a standard medical doctor that prescribed me cialis. I do not want to be on any of these erection medicines, I want to know what the issue is and why am i experiencing this at a younger age. What can a urologist do for me rather of just prescribing me erection medicine tablets?

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Response by ChadKyle
I’m involved that your family members
medical professional would prescribe Cialis
to a 21 calendar year old gentleman. I suspect
he does not give a crap about your
well being.

A urologist will spend more time
trying to determine out what the lead to
of your ED is.

Go to a urologist, or at the quite
the very least get a 2nd opinion!!!!


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