What could possibly be my illnesses if I have a lump on the still left facet of my testis?

Concern by Can I Moon You?: What could perhaps be my ailments if I have a lump on the left facet of my testis?
Is it cancer or what?
It truly is a little lump that hurts a tiny. What is it known as and what kind of medical professional ought to I strategy about this? Anyway, I can nonetheless wander and operate properly.

PS. Will I lead to a sexually transmitted condition? Is it risk-free for any woman to have contact with my sexual organs if I have a little lump?

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Solution by Reagan1984
Nicely, there are numerous males out there with 1 ball. Will not be concerned when they consider yours you will even now be 50 percent the man you once were. And a lump isnt poison ivy I consider you should prob be a lot more worried about what a girl will believe of your lumpy balls.

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