What could trigger a bumpy come to feel on the inside of of the vagina? Proper near the opening but inside?

Question by No it isn’t.: What could lead to a bumpy feel on the inside of the vagina? Proper close to the opening but inside?
Not to be gross or anything at all, but if I place my finger in my vagina, I feel a great deal of small bumps. It really is not sleek. It’s not a sexually transmitted condition simply because I’ve by no means experienced sexual intercourse and in no way had any blood transfusions.

Is it meant to truly feel a minor tough on the vaginal wall or is it supposed to be completely sleek? So if bumpy come to feel is irregular, what could that be?


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Response by Mimzy
never worry, its meant to be a bit bumpy, your probally hitting your clit a little thats all.

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