What is a good anti depressant that will not likely result in excess weight gain?

Issue by Nikki s: What is a good anti depressant that won’t trigger fat achieve?
Nearly every single anti-depressant arrives with obnoxious side consequences.
What is an anti-depressant that is in fact properly-recognized to assist despair but not cause excess weight achieve or sexual dysfunction?

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Response by Jas
Consider vitamin B12 / B12 Intricate, it will help a whole lot with melancholy and vitality.

Observe: B12 is not right “meant to” support with melancholy but scientific studies have demonstrated that despair can be a consequence of low B12 stages and I have experimented with it myself and it worked for me. Omega three can also aid. All of the prescription medicines come with a single side influence or yet another including dependency. I would stick to natural remedies if you are seeking to stay away from facet has an effect on. It really is up to you. Prescription medications only mask the issue and bring occasionally fatal side influences. It really is better to take care of the resource of the difficulty rather than mask it with meds and generate new issues that will lead to far more depression. Health also assists to battle despair and it will not likely make you acquire bodyweight (the improper way).

1 can only bring a horse to drinking water but I can not make it consume.

http://www.mayoclinic.com/overall health/vitamin-b12-and-depression/AN01543


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