What medicines can be taken for no sex push? Do erectile dysfunction meds work?

Question by Paul Block: What drugs can be taken for no sex generate? Do erectile dysfunction meds perform?
Do the erectile dysfunction drugs also boost sexual intercourse travel? What could be the explanation for no sexual intercourse drive? What can my dr give me to support?

I undergo from Melancholy, Anxiety and Diabetes.

Any insight would be wonderful!

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Reply by WhiteRabbit
there are natrual techniques of finding your “mojo” back again, you audio to me that the diabetes has truly obtained you down. I would suggest undertaking a sport, like boxing probably i dont know what takes your fancy.
Anyway what im stating is erectile dysfunction is brought on alot by depression therefore you require to do one thing to maintain your mind off the negativity in your life.
Alright. Nicely your asking for meds for this kinda problem.
I listen to consuming strawberrys raises your sexual intercourse push and also ingesting oysters does way too!
some organic methods for you..
take my assistance and if it does not perform for you I would see a doctor as a last resort.
Good luck my good friend. Believe in me all gentlemen have been there and if not then they just arent there however.

wow the person under me sounds like his is aware what his conversing about, i could consider some suggestions from him as well haha :P

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