What SSRI has the the very least sexual aspect effects?

Question by Katie A: What SSRI has the the very least sexual aspect consequences?
Im struggling from each anxiety dysfunction in the e-book and have presently been on Paxil. It really is been working Great, only factor is I can not climax .. At all. It really is horrible, simply because my libido is unfortunately incredibly robust (which looks like it’d be a good factor, but believe in me, it really is aggravating) and the paxil tends to make it so I even now truly feel sexy, but cannot ease it.. It can be not well worth it.

So was just wondering if any person knew the best SSRI with the minimum sexual dysfunction. Thanks so considerably.

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Answer by *Sombra*
I listen to ya!

I took Paxil for awhile … and it worked fairly well for nervousness … but my spouse threatened to be a part of a monastery! (Or send ME to a convent).

I experienced wayyyyyy far better luck with Lexapro. I had NO side results in any way with Lexapro, and it worked as nicely as, if not much better than, Paxil …. in reality, it took result much more quickly than Paxil. Also, no fat issues (will not know if you’ve got had excess weight fluctuations on Paxil … I did … but Lexapro is a lot less likely to trigger excess weight problems, as well).

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