What would be a great way to recognize a real hero?

Concern by Thop ite: What would be a excellent way to acknowledge a true hero?
A very dear pal of mine has recently rescued 128 minor ladies from Thai brothels and has put every single solitary a single of them up for adoption. Some of the youngsters have been as younger as 5 years previous and experienced from a selection of sexually transmitted diseases and a host of other difficulties. Out of the 128 young children, only twenty five are still up for adoption. Most of them are now with loving people in the United states of america, Europe, Japan, and Canada. He has accomplished all of this by means of his personal individual effort, a mere a hundred,000 pounds from his possess pocket (which is twice his annually job income) and only a tiny bit of outside the house assistance (largely data from social support groups and former ambassadors).

I want him to be acknowledged for his great operate and his support to humankind. Difficulty is, this humble chap totally hates the notion of becoming well-known. What do you consider would be a excellent way to rejoice this excellent individual without giving him undesired movie star position? I previously have some tips but want more.

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Wow, that really is a hero. I commend him!

I’d try out to make his plight identified via the media, commence at a nearby information paper 1st. Ideally, other individuals will choose up on it and it’s going to go from there.

You can also dedicate a web site to him, or a blog about his en devours. You can market the web site/blog through cost-free advertising, community forums and other related websites/weblogs.

Use google to discover simple to use (and totally free) web hosts and website providers. Google has a excellent site service. 007ihost.com and www.freewebs.com are good free webhosts. (Although I haven’t truly had any private expertise with them, just phrase of mouth.)

You may even want to commence a discussion board. Just google “totally free discussion board hosting” and you must find anything. I never have any back links on hand. (Sorry)

Hope this aids!

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