What would be a very good way to identify a correct hero?

Question by Thop ite: What would be a very good way to understand a real hero?
A extremely expensive friend of mine has recently rescued 128 little ladies from Thai brothels and has put every solitary one particular of them up for adoption. Some of the youngsters had been as young as five many years aged and suffered from a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and a host of other problems. Out of the 128 kids, only twenty five are nevertheless up for adoption. Most of them are now with loving households in the United states, Europe, Japan, and Canada. He has completed all of this through his very own private energy, a mere one hundred,000 bucks from his very own pocket (that is twice his yearly job income) and only a little little bit of outside the house help (mainly details from social provider teams and previous ambassadors).

I want him to be regarded for his excellent work and his support to humankind. Difficulty is, this humble chap absolutely hates the idea of turning out to be famous. What do you feel would be a excellent way to celebrate this fantastic person with no offering him unwanted celebrity standing? I previously have some suggestions but require much more.

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Solution by Laura Y
If he does not want to be acknowledged regard his wishes and make a donation to his favourite Charity in his identify

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