Why do negative angels seem to be to favor girls and are women mainly the victims of little one abuse?

Question by Real truth IS ?: Why do negative angels look to favor females and are ladies mainly the victims of child abuse?
Sexual Depravity Turns into Rampant

Our time corresponds to Noah’s working day in an additional regard. Jehovah experienced commanded the 1st guy and lady to “fill the earth” with their sort, utilizing their God-provided sexual powers honorably in the marriage arrangement. (Genesis 1:28) In Noah’s working day, disobedient angels contaminated humanity with unnatural intercourse. They arrived down to earth, materialized bodies, and cohabited with lovely girls, making offspring that have been half human, 50 % demon—the Nephilim. (Genesis 6:two, four) The sin of these lustful angels is likened to the perversions of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Jude 6, 7) Consequently, sexual depravity was common in these days.

What about the moral local weather of right now? In these last days, the life of several revolve about intercourse. Paul graphically describes such kinds as “having appear to be previous all moral sense” numerous have provided themselves over “to free perform to perform uncleanness of every single sort with greediness.” (Ephesians 4:19) Pornography, premarital sex, sexual abuse of youngsters, and homosexuality are commonplace. Some are currently “receiving in themselves the full recompense” in the kind of sexually transmitted diseases, breakdown of household existence, and other social ills.—Romans one:26, 27.



HYBRID Guys OF Outdated

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The sons of God weren’t angels, they were God-fearing males who fell into polygamy.

Verse four says there have been giants in individuals days and also afterward, which indicates that human beings ended up initially big, which is fitting due to the fact of their life spans.

Why did the flood happen? Seem very carefully at verse 5: “The Lord saw that the wickedness of male was great in the earth, and that every single intent of the thoughts of his coronary heart was only evil constantly”. Which is the true cause the flood happened.

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