Why do we as folks like to underestimate ourselves?

Concern by equivalent_independence: Why do we as men and women like to undervalue ourselves?
Personally, I let no ceilings on my possible. Blasphemy or immorality are no arguments. Dependency opposes possible, equality, and independence.

Most individuals produce minimal ceilings on their possible for electricity. For illustrations: Spiritual dependency on religious leaders or God for our inner peace, internal healing, pleasure, and success. Economic dependence on govt, charities, or the rich. Home and loved ones security dependence on law enforcement. In every of these situations, the most efficient remedies are inner by means of the electrical power of the brain, the power of operate and human innovation, and the power of personalized protection and weapon proficiency, respectively. As an alternative, most seem to be to choose to be victims of religious “sins,” of economic foolishness and laziness, and of protection impotence against prison routines.

Why do we so strongly hold to the instability and impotence inherent in underestimating our possible to obtain ample energy to overcome our hurdles and difficulties?

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Answer by p3@nutbutt3r
i acquired dropped when u said “blasphemy”.i dont no what 50 % these words and phrases suggest!!!

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