Why does not Amnesty teach poverty stricken folks who are in desperate require of salvation about beginning management?

Issue by !: Why will not Amnesty teach poverty stricken individuals who are in determined require of salvation about start control?
It does not make perception to be possessing youngsters if you cannot assistance oneself? If you have no food to try to eat then you should not have kids because they will starve to dying. If you live in squalor circumstances then you shouldn’t have children simply because they will die of ailment. If you are harmful, specially if you have ay sexually transmitted diseases and/or aids then you should not have young children since they will die of conditions.
All charitable businesses should teach men and women who are stricken with extreme poverty about birth management and not obtaining young children.
Why did I submit this in religion & spirituality? Since a good deal of you spiritual men and women are in opposition to delivery control and abortion. However I think it truly is far better to do possibly delivery manage or abortion if you are dirt bad.

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Answer by phlegm
no a single is in determined need to have of salvation.

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