will the adverse of consequences of having paxil for a few a long time ever go away?

Issue by Girl ELAINE FAIRCHILDE: will the adverse of consequences of taking paxil for a few a long time ever go away?
I was getting it for practically four years i guess, endured some large sexual dysfunction as a consequence, and I am durpressed since of it, but i Quit Taking IT just a thirty day period and a 50 % in the past.
I want to know if there is any hope that these side consequences will at any time go away? are they long lasting? and is there any documentation about it?

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Response by Andy
They are all reversible such as the sexual dysfunction, even though depression can cause that as properly, so not dealing with it may possibly also be a difficulty.

I can not discover documentation stating it is reversible, but in basic, drug aspect consequences are except if otherwise mentioned, as irreversible sexual dysfunction would be a genuinely, actually seroius dilemma for medications so regularly offered to younger men and women.

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